Insights and reflections on the Sillon and the JOC

This is a compilation of posts on my Cardijn Research blog that deal with various aspects of the Sillon, its founder, its history and its relationship with Cardijn and the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne (JOC) or Young Christian Workers (YCW).

Lamennais, Le Sillon and serendipity

25th August – a day of meaning

Seek, Judge, Act – the Sertillanges side of the story

Facts, principles, solutions: Victoire Cappe 1911

And the Dominicans…

Bautain: Conscience and responsibility

Henry du Roure, role model for the early YCW

The Holy Cross Fathers: From Lamennais to Vatican II

Love, friendship and social action

The ‘communal soul’ of the Sillon and the JOC

80th anniversary of the JOC Internationale

Another earlier Sillon magazine

Louis-Joseph Lebret: Architect of Populorum Progressio

The Leaven in the Council – online

Pietralata: The forgotten Mass and Message

The Crypt at Stanislas College: Friendship and facts

Two pioneers: Etienne Isabelle and Victoire Cappe

Fernand Tonnet and Paul Garcet – 75 years

Jocist theologians Palémon Glorieux and Pierre Tiberghien

Marc Sangnier – 70 years

RIP Jean-Michel Cadiot, Sillonist

Young Léon Ollé-Laprune

Cardijn and Dorothy Day speaking live in Australia

Therese of Lisieux: Pius XI, Cardijn, the JOC – and the Sillon

Postcript: Marc Sangnier, Le Sillon and Thérèse of Lisieux